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Flash animation dump

2011-02-12 21:14:45 by LiftYourSkinnyFists

didn't know newgrounds had a flash file dump, pretty neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's a test animation i've been working on the past couple days. I want to completely re do it using the new motion tweening system cs4 offers. I feel like i can make some really great / fluid looking animations if i can learn how to use it properly. if any one knows any good cs4/cs5 motion tweening tutorials let me know!

This is just a test character. I want to re do him in photoshop and make him really detailed / fix all of the perspective issues ( it doesn't look very good flipped) 4ddb45a4cf4b782bc600ce475c4533
Definitely getting rid of the glowing eyes cliche.

I want to make it so I can replace his body parts but still keep the same animation. I don't know how to do that yet but I want to learn how to do this. That way, i wouldn't have to re animate new characters I create.

This is my first attempt at animating a character. I posted this one a while ago. a4b44a734c2e4ca52f5d90cd82f9d8
his movements are awkward, especially the walking / running cycles ( I didn't put those up). They look pretty bad, but I definitely learned a lot making these animations, and I have a lot to learn.

I'm really inspired to create characters looking like these ww1 Russians. their gas masks are so cool looking. Maybe I can create a game / animation set in world war 1? I'd have to do a lot of research, I don't know much about Russian and world war 1.

Please feel free to critique my animations, I'd appreciate it.

Flash animation dump


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2011-02-12 22:35:07

Well for the first one, if it's some sort of side scrolling game they should be looking straight ahead, not at me.
Secondly try not to make a drawing to detailed until you make a basic structure first and get that right. it sucks having to make something super detailed only to find out it doesn't look good and have to delete it later.
Also try not to super detail things so much like in the second animation. it will always look awkward. if you want to make something super detailed you have to make new animations constantly and never re-use they same limb but just move it in different direction. it just looks odd.
Also super detailation...(is that a word?) takes up alot of space and could make things lag or slow down.

LiftYourSkinnyFists responds:

Well, it is a side scroller, but I purposely turned the characters head towards the viewer. I've had this flash game idea for a while now, a "side scroller FPS". The player can move freely left to right. Thats why the character is shooting and looking towards the viewer. And yes, I know not to make the characters detailed until I get everything right. That's one of the lessons I've learned from doing that second animation. Thanks for the reply.